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I Before Thee Movie (2018)
World-wide distribution by: Bridgstone Media Group

I Before Thee is based on a true story. The story takes place in the present time with protagonist Jeffery Douglas (Aaron M. Abelto), a firefighter who must make crucial decisions in a short period of time. Jeffery’s young daughter Kelsey is a cancer patient and currently hospitalized. Kelsey is receiving treatment, but it has no affect. Jeffery is forced to decide whether to pull the plug and let her die or continue to wait to see if her health improves. Serious decisions will lead him to an ultimate path where he must decide what he truly is living for.


“FIGHT WITHIN” is about an illegal immigrant named Jerome (Randell J. Jackman) who hails from Trinidad and Tobago. Jerome is sent to America because of his dreadful past. Having no way to generate income legally, Jerome quickly turns to fighting on the streets to make money. In doing so, he becomes one of the best fighters in the Street Fighting League.

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